It’s working – at last!!! Thank you team for the effort. A personal shout to you all from MrWizzyWiz. But for the record I reckon I had the harder task LOL. Had to create a child theme with the relevant javascript and PHP files, then had to create an ‘includes’ folder in the child theme, then had to copy a PHP file from the main theme to the child theme to prevent automatic deletion during upgrades, then had to edit the new PHP file in the new ‘includes’ folder by adding some specific PHP code to allow the template to call the social media icons from the libray, then saved the file AND THEN … WE GOT OUR SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS TO MAGICALLY APPEAR ON OUR WEB PAGES!!!

QUESTION: Wasn’t the whole point of DIVI Builder supposed to be to save people having to play coding developer guru? What a friggin’ let down. C’mon DIVI dev team. Get yer blooming skates on and wake up or MrWizzyWiz is going to have to come over to your dungeon and sort you out. 

DIVI has only 4 social media icons available under editor control by default even though the rest of them are available in the library; or at least their icons are. But if the editor cannot see them then you cannot use them in your website through DIVI builder. Needless to say the wonderful DIVI developers decided that two of the four social media platforms that should be supported in the editor by default just happen to be pretty unpopular in today’s online world. Whereas something like the popular Instagram is resigned to the dark, cryptic dungeon of coders. Ho hum, what a bore! Not feeling very wizzy today as a result.

Anyway fellow IT gurus, cheer yourselves up with my office drone pic attached. And no we didn’t have to make a hole in the ceiling to get that distance shot. We just took the ceiling off instead. LOL.

That’s all for today from Mr WizzyWiz 🙂

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