NOT SO LONG AGO, Empathic Productions was tasked with converting the back garden and interior of a property in London into a film set. We had been engaged to shoot a fundraiser for the new Daylight Project. The Daylight Project’s aims are to allow bands and artists to perform during Covid-19 lockdown using a video streaming service ‘up-linked’ via the internet onto various cloud-based platforms. The purpose of the shoot was to create the fundraiser and P.R. material to generate the revenue required to support the creation of several broadcasts of programming content.

The team arrived on the dot at 8am and spent the morning converting the property into a temporary film and sound studio. The afternoon saw filming start in earnest.

A good time was had by all, everything went to plan and thankfully the weather provided the icing on the cake, allowing us to film outside so that we were in compliance with the Government’s latest PHE Covid-19 advisory guidelines.

Here are some photos taken during the morning showing the equipment and lighting installations.

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