NOW THE 5TH NOVEMBER GUY FAWKES CELEBRATIONS are over, we have redone the website landing page to include a technologies, equipment and capabilities promo so prospective clients get a glimpse of the equipment used for producing video content. It gives an eagle-eyed view of our wholly owned resources and also advertises our ability to scale to the demands of variously sized projects. While the majority of clients are focused on results and the method used to obtain them is of minor interest, there are a few production companies looking at sub-contracting services who need reassurance our equipment is compliant with industry standards. The purpose of placing the promo on the landing page then makes a statement that we are current with film production technologies, trends and processes.

Because sound is such an important aspect of the finished product we have also added Sally Knyvette’s introduction to our sound libraries by including ‘Nuclear Strike: Target Covid-19’. At Empathic Productions we treat audio as a major part of the production spectrum and we pay attention to ensuring we have the talent and resources to create audio stems, Fx and tracks which add the perfect finishing touch. In addition to working with our own library material, we have an ambisonics recording and post production facility which is able to capture custom foley material for other production companies. Using state-of-the-art, ambisonics microphones and hardware encoding, the recorded data can be decoded into any number of acoustic, spatial channels compliant with the key Dolby, multi-channel formats and production systems currently in use within the cinema industry.

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